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“Wash Wars” Car Dealership Packages
As a GIADA member, I am extending an exclusive offer to car dealerships to participate in “Wash Wars: Season 2.” Car dealerships that participate in “Wash Wars: Season 2” benefit from exposure to both the onsite and viewing audiences, celebrities, influencers, and high-end car enthusiasts. Not only am I the executive producer and host of “Wash Wars”, but also hold the titles of the Car Wash Guru and the Car Wash World Champion. I am an avid supporter and promoter of vehicle sanitation and the founder of National Car Wash Day (July 14th), recognized in 22 states to date. Car dealerships have three (3) partnership packages to choose from to participate in “Wash Wars: Season 2.”

>      Be on “Wash Wars”
>      Receive pics with King Harris
>      Do a dealership representative intro and outro
>      Judge the contestants
>      Promote their dealership on “Wash Wars”
>      Receive a logo reveal of their dealership during the intro of “Wash Wars”
>      Display their dealerships banners onsite during “Wash Wars”
>      Promote their dealership with a 30 second to minute commercial during “Wash Wars”


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